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Putting On Your Mous iPad Case

Use this handy guide to ensure that you always put on and take off your Mous iPad Case correctly!

Mous – 2020 Round Up

2020 was unlike any year in the history of Mous, but against all odds, we managed to make it one of our best. We launched some of our most exciting and innovative products yet - including all-new, ultra-protective AirPods cases, with AiroShock™ technology and curved Aramid Fibre casings. Not to mention fresh takes on old classics like our speckled version of Limitless 3.0 and a complete revamp of our Limitless 3.0 and Clarity ranges for the iPhone 12.

We believe in show not tell, so pre-lockdown, we flew out to Greece, Sweden and Wales to find some of the most extreme environments possible for our most intense product testing to date. And by the time iPhone 12 dropped, everything was so up in the air that there was no better way to test our new cases than by dropping them 45ft from a hot air balloon.

This year wasn’t always easy, but our team came together with a single goal of creating products that defend and enhance the tech you use every day. No matter where we’re working, we’re always working towards solving real problems our real customers really have.

We’ve had a full year of invention, development and creation, but the fun has only just begun. 2021 will bring with it our most diverse and expansive product offering to date - with our AutoAlignPlus Wireless Chargers launching in January, followed by many, many more surprises as the year plays out. We’ve developed our most innovative technology to date, AiroFoam™, to protect even your largest devices…

No matter what 2021 throws at us, we’ll be there to protect your most trusted tools. Because nothing makes your tech indestructible, but that doesn’t stop us trying.

Mous Products Ltd
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Mous – iPhone 12 Hot Air Balloon Drop Test

A new iPhone, a new stunt...

Every year when the new iPhone drops, we put our heads together to think of the absolute best way to celebrate the occasion and show off exactly how impressive our ultra-protective cases really are.

Since everything’s so up in the air this year, we took to the skies in a hot air balloon!

We dropped an iPhone 12 Pro in a Limitless 3.0 case from 45ft off the side of the balloon, sending it crashing down onto solid concrete. As always, our hugely protective cases ensured everything went to plan and the iPhone 12 inside remained completely unharmed.

With Mous drop protection, the sky truly is the limit.

Mous Products Ltd
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